Have had a bit of a mental block for several days and haven’t been able to do anything decent >____<
I wasn’t sure if we needed to have the storyboard in or not but this is what i have so far.
Haven’t put in all the shots and things yet. But will get them all in.

We covered several things in week3 about storyboarding. ranging from formating and aspect rations to hook up shots and panels. we covered several of these last year semester one with Peter Moyes. It was good to look over these things again, i must remember to use proper storyboard language and make floor plans so that i can clearly map out and get my ideas across. I redid this storyboard because the old one was under par. this one is looking much better but i think lots of things still need to be fixed and indication arrows of action need to be used.

I’m still not used to this whole blog thing mans. Feels awkward but it does get your butt moving! which is pretty awesome.

The clock says 2:38, and i didn’t get my cheeseburgers.
hopefully that will all make sense….one day.


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