Had some free time while i was waiting for my PSP Stella!

it was around 5:20 ish and i was waiting for stella to finish drawing an image. I had a couple of minutes to wipe something up thanks to her. So this is what happened


The whole blocking in thing “Silhouette” really helped me out in getting in the body. still missing legs “what the” should really be working on a whole image at a time. but this is working for me at the moment.
Added is some more light, hand and a gun.
been about 1 hr or so. maybe 2 with all the sitting around staring blankly into a wall.


Still sitting here drawing…i think i should sleep now!

last image for tonight. added legs and had to tilt the body. Next time i will start with a full Silhouette.


But i must say alot of energy was lost once i tilted him upstraight…might have to tilt him back and redraw legs.


Minor adjustments done to the right foot and right shoulder. added sum detail into the mask and tweaked a little more. Silhouette doesn’t really stand out though }:\

Should of drawn the right arm further out. Skill level has to be improved yo!


One Response to “Had some free time while i was waiting for my PSP Stella!”

  1. Dude nice process. I like how you blocked it out super generally and just refined away

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