A couple of concept characters I designed for Uni gallery.

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W2 of W7w1-copy1w4-copyw5-copyI had the chance to draw something up for a gallery, these where the end result while using the same blocking method ive been using. Seem to be getting a handle on these things.
If you like this stuff let me know and i’ll keep doing more random ones like this.

Just thumbnail sizes for now, will upload larger ones if requested.


Its been awhile

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Its been awhile since I last posted anything. Ive been abit lazy but have started to draw again.
I did this before a Mocap class and have been editing it.
This is what it looked like a couple of steps back. Right arm still needs to be adjusted correctly.
this will be shown at an exhibition at QCA


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This is just a few things we did for preproduction

Got my Cheeseburgers…..wont be doing this again

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well well just popping in to add something that isnt really work related. But yeah got the cheeseburgers i was after.
after confirming the order 3-4 times and hearing the burger flippers say “your joking” Liam, Sam, Gabe and I had a good time.

I don’t think i will be doing this again anytime soon. $34 worth of Death here

Take a look, burger craving crushed for a good year


Im pretty sure there is half a cow and a few rats thrown in the mix there.
OH! and there was a missing meat paddy. One was just cheese bread.

while im here adding random things in.
Something id like to model one day(when i get the mad skillz)


This is a Rei figure, freaking awesome.


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Have had a bit of a mental block for several days and haven’t been able to do anything decent >____<
I wasn’t sure if we needed to have the storyboard in or not but this is what i have so far.
Haven’t put in all the shots and things yet. But will get them all in.

We covered several things in week3 about storyboarding. ranging from formating and aspect rations to hook up shots and panels. we covered several of these last year semester one with Peter Moyes. It was good to look over these things again, i must remember to use proper storyboard language and make floor plans so that i can clearly map out and get my ideas across. I redid this storyboard because the old one was under par. this one is looking much better but i think lots of things still need to be fixed and indication arrows of action need to be used.

I’m still not used to this whole blog thing mans. Feels awkward but it does get your butt moving! which is pretty awesome.

The clock says 2:38, and i didn’t get my cheeseburgers.
hopefully that will all make sense….one day.

Silent Ops dude

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Yet a few more hours looking over the image and seeing what i need to fix.
added sum minor detail and fixed the legs. The knees where to low in the first sets. Ive raised them and i feel that looks much better. Added in sum knee caps 2. might have to change the tightness on the coat bottom, wanted to go for something elastic like. looks like a skirt at the moment. still have time to fix though.


Also working on another image at the moment.
trying to block it out as i go along.


This image is large.

And at the end of the night i got a little brain dead.
this is the result:


Had some free time while i was waiting for my PSP Stella!

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it was around 5:20 ish and i was waiting for stella to finish drawing an image. I had a couple of minutes to wipe something up thanks to her. So this is what happened


The whole blocking in thing “Silhouette” really helped me out in getting in the body. still missing legs “what the” should really be working on a whole image at a time. but this is working for me at the moment.
Added is some more light, hand and a gun.
been about 1 hr or so. maybe 2 with all the sitting around staring blankly into a wall.


Still sitting here drawing…i think i should sleep now!

last image for tonight. added legs and had to tilt the body. Next time i will start with a full Silhouette.


But i must say alot of energy was lost once i tilted him upstraight…might have to tilt him back and redraw legs.


Minor adjustments done to the right foot and right shoulder. added sum detail into the mask and tweaked a little more. Silhouette doesn’t really stand out though }:\

Should of drawn the right arm further out. Skill level has to be improved yo!